Stalin dies 1953, Khrushchev takes power 1955.

1955 Non-Alignment Movement forms. 37 newly independent nations join. They hold Bandung Conference in Indonesia. They’re all poor, but they all agree to help each other.

1956-02 gives Secret Speech (which US got a copy of and played nonstop) about de-Stalinization accusing Stalin of a cult of personality. Countries can have their own forms of communism!

Mao and Tito (Yugoslavia) didn’t like Secret Speech because they still had cults of personality.

Poland inspired by Secret Speech to have economic reforms. Hungary also inspired by said speech, Nagy is too communist for the USA and too nationalist for the USSR, with much support tries to leave Warsaw Pact, Hungarian Revolution crushed.

Some British and French and Israeli countries, not to name names, decided to invade Egypt.